Sarah is a visual storyteller creating magical and symbolic narratives about people, nature and elemental energies. Her subjects and inspirations have developed from personal research, dreams, world music and her travels.

She describes her process as feeling in the dark for the remains of sub-conscious settlements. The resulting compositions emerge like freshly uncovered seedlings seeking the light, winding around themes of persistence and endurance, elemental transitions, and breaking points.

She received her BFA in Children’s Book Illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, but a move to Los Angeles introduced her to film making and set design, leading to design gigs on commercials, rock videos, feature films and television shows. Coming full circle after decades of film work, Sarah returned to full-time studio painting to build a collection of artworks that reflect her own stories.  Her paintings (oil on wood) often have dimensional layers which extend and recede, referencing memories, internal and external forces, and life’s dualities.

Sarah’s artworks have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the US including Tangent Gallery, MI; Krikawa Gallery, AZ; Gallery Zappow, NC; San Louis Obispo Museum of Art, Ontario Museum of Art and History, LA Municipal Art Gallery, LA Artcore, Memorial Union Gallery,ND; and South Bay Contemporary and has been featured in many magazines including, recently, Art Muzeo Magazine.

Contact for art viewing and acquisition. Follow @sarahstoneart.